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Thrifty van rental Stirchley branch

Thrifty Car and Van Rental opens new branch in Stirchley, Birmingham

Thrifty van rental Stirchley branchThrifty Car and Van Rental has opened a branch in Stirchley, which is a few miles south of Birmingham in the West Midlands.

The Stirchley branch offers a full range of car and van hire and is located on Fordhouse Lane (A4040) in Stirchley. Adnan Mohammed, Stirchley’s new branch manager, said:

“Since opening our doors, we have been very busy and have enjoyed a high turnover of rentals on both the leisure and commercial side. We have a very experienced team here at Worcester, so customers can expect a knowledgeable and friendly service with every rental.”

Steve Sandford, director of regional operations for Thrifty Car and Van Rental, added:

“Our network continues to grow from strength to strength and we’re delighted to open our latest branch in Stirchley. Whether you need vehicles for work or pleasure please give our Stirchley location a call or visit our website and we can help you choose the best car or van for you.”

The new Thrifty branch is located at 163 Fordhouse Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 3AG. Thrifty Car and Van Rental operates nationwide and currently has 96 branches within the UK.

BVRLA RISC system screenshot

New BVRLA system could help blacklist troublesome van rental customers

BVRLA RISC system screenshot

The BVRLA’s RISC system can be accessed by all BVRLA members and flags up problematic renters.

Rental customers who cause problems for van hire companies could find themselves blacklisted by rental firms across the UK, thanks to a new system.

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), which is the trade body for UK vehicle rental companies, has released a new version of its risk management software, RISC.

This enables BVRLA member companies, including the majority of UK van rental firms, to search for information about new renters and to record and share problems with existing customers.

For example, the names and details of customers who provide fake ID, such as fictional utility bills, or who cause damage to vehicles may be added to the RISC system.

The BVRLA says that the most common reasons for a rental firm to log a report on RISC are non-conformance with terms and conditions, lack of payment, damaging the vehicle and abusive behaviour towards staff.

Commenting on the revised RISC platform, BVRLA Director of Member Services Nora Leggett said:

“RISC is now an even more powerful loss prevention tool for our members. Opportunistic fraudsters and high-risk customers have become adept at sharing information to exploit vulnerable businesses. The collaborative environment of RISC will harness the power of the BVRLA community and help safeguard valuable assets.”

Other features include a heat map of the UK, showing members where risk activity is being reported in real time.

The BVRLA can also monitor incidents to issue general alerts on problems that may be spiking, such as identity fraud or large numbers of renters showing up with authentic-looking utility statements from bogus websites.

DVLA licence check code now valid for 21 days — good news

View your driving licence infoThe DVLA has extended the validity period of the check code generated for motorists to share their driving licence details – making it easier for customers to arrive prepared for their van rental pick-up.

The one-use code is now active for 21 days, unlike the previous validity of 72 hours, which meant that motorists had to visit the View Driving Licence website and generate a code less than three days before they intended to hire a car.

“We’re pleased that the DVLA has listened to industry feedback that the code lifespan was too short,” said Gerry Keaney, Chief Executive of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association.

“This common sense approach will reduce queues at rental desks and give millions of renters more time to plan and arrive prepared ahead of their journey.”

On 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence was abolished.

Motorists can now view up-to-date driving licence information using the DVLA’s View Driving Licence website, which includes a Share My Licence service. This generates a code enabling hire companies and other third-parties to check for any endorsements.

To see our step-by-step illustrated guide to generating a licence check code, click here.

This service is free to use but drivers will need their National Insurance number and driving licence details to generate a code.

Drivers with old-style paper licences (issued until 1998) can continue to use these licences but should note that they will not be updated with penalty points or details of convictions.

Van hire customers beware: Driving licence changes from 8 June

View your driving licence info

Click on the image for more details on how to get a driving licence check code before hiring a car or van.

Starting from today (8 June 2015), the paper part of the UK driving licence has been scrapped.

One of the first groups of people to be affected are van and car hire customers, who will now need to provide online access to their driving histories when they collect hire cars.

The reason for this is that your driving licence photocard, which remains valid, does not contain any information about licence endorsements or convictions.

From now on, when hiring a vehicle you will need to provide your photocard and an online check code to enable the hire company to access your licence details on the (DVLA) website.

This is available through a new ‘View your driving licence information’ service.

We’d also suggest printing out the licence information report from the website when you generate your check code, in case your hire company is unable to check the information online.

To generate a licence check, you’ll need your driving licence and your National Insurance number:

>> Click here for the driving licence check service <<

This is FREE but the check code is only valid for 72 hours, so needs to be generated within three days of your car hire pick-up date.

To help you get started, I’ve produced an illustrated guide to generating a driving licence check code, here.

I’ve also written more extensively about the new rules, here.

How to get a UK driving licence check code for hiring a car or van (illustrated guide)

On 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to the UK driving licence is being scrapped, and will no longer be accepted by vehicle hire companies in the UK or abroad.

This is being known as the paperless licence change — your licence will now be made up of your Photocard and the DVLA’s online records of your entitlements and convictions.

As the Photocard doesn’t carry details of penalty points, hire companies will have to carry out an online check on every driver to see if their licence is valid when they pick-up a hire vehicle. This will require a driving licence check code.

Hire companies are advising all drivers to obtain a driving licence check code from the DVLA using a new online service.

I thought I’d give it a try to see how well the new system works. The answer, happily, is that it’s quick and simple, assuming you have internet access.

You will need your driving licence number and your National Insurance number to get a licence check code.

How to get your driving licence check code

Here’s an illustrated guide showing how to get the code you will need for a hire vehicle licence check from 8 June 2015:

(please note these images were taken on 19 May 2015 — the actual pages may change as the system develops)

1. Start here:

View your driving licence info

Click the View now button to continue.

2. You’ll then be asked to enter your driving licence number, National Insurance number and the postcode on your driving licence into a short form:

Enter licence and NI details

That’s it!

3. You’re then shown a page with several tabs, on which you can view your licence details, your current penalty points and disqualification history, and a complete list of vehicles your are entitled to drive.

Click on each tab to see the information:

View your full driving licence info

4. However, the fourth option (right-hand side) is the one you will need for hiring a vehicle: Share your licence information

How to get driving licence check code

Click on the Create a code  button to create a licence check code to use when hiring a vehicle.


  • These codes are only valid for 72 hours (3 days) 
  • You will still need your driving licence photocard when you collect your hire vehicle

Here’s what you get:

Example of a UK driving licence check code

5. I’d suggest you use the ‘View, print or save your licence information‘ link to print out full details of the check. This opens up in a new window as a PDF file (Acrobat Reader file).

You can then print this out and show it to the hire company, who can choose whether to go online and use the check code or accept your print out.

Who needs to do this?

If you are planning on hiring a vehicle using a UK driving licence after 8 June 2015, you need to do this. This applies whether you are hiring in the UK or abroad and for all types of vehicle.

All hire companies will ask for this information unless they already have a computerised alternative system in place (most don’t, yet).

Will Your Audi Automatically Open Up For Parcels When You’re Out?

Audi connect easy delivery service with DHL & Amazon Prime

Would you trust your Audi to unlock itself and accept parcels for you?

Missing parcel deliveries can be a major pain in the neck: long trips to the nearest depot, failed redeliveries — or worst of all, parcels that have been left somewhere ‘safe’, but somehow get damaged or disappear.

Audi, DHL and Amazon Prime have come up with a solution, which will allow you to specify the boot of your Audi as a delivery destination.

The delivery driver will be provided with a one-time access code that will be available for a fixed period of time, allowing them to unlock the boot without a key, before closing and locking it again with your parcel inside.

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that this sounds too far-fetched — or too damn risky — to be attractive, but the reality is that cars are becoming increasingly connected, and services like this could become commonplace.

Starting in May, this service is going to be trialled in Munich, Germany. If it goes well, I’d expect it to expand — although in reality this may simply be one of those experimental services that provides data for future ideas but doesn’t take off in itself.

After all, let’s face it: modern cars are now computers with an engine and wheels. In a world where self-driving cars are already technically possible, having your boot unlock itself for a couple of minutes doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it?

Why van hire companies may refuse your UK driving licence without online access code

Update 19 May 2015: We’ve produced a step-by-step guide showing how to get a driving licence check code.

Anyone planning to hire a van (or a car) in June, including overseas, needs to remember that the paper counterpart of the UK driving licence will no longer be valid from 8 June.

Currently, details of any endorsements and convictions are kept on the paper part of your licence, which you need to show when you hire a vehicle. However, from 8 June, this information will only be available online, so hire companies will need to check drivers’ details online when checking their licences.

This applies when for car and van hire abroad, as well as for car and van hire in the UK.

How will it work?

Although it’s possible for a hire company to phone the DVLA and check your licence details, they won’t be keen on this, as it costs around 51p per minute and is not a 24/7 service.

The only practical solutions will be online — and that means that you, the hire customer, will need to be prepared to help.

1. Share My Driving Licence

Most hire companies are going to be relying on hire customers providing them with access to their online details using a new DVLA system called Share My Driving Licence.

You will need to visit this site within 2 days of picking up your hire van or car in order to generate a unique access code that the hire company can use to view your driving licence details online.

Share My Driving Licence is free to use, but to generate your access code, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your driving licence number
  • Your National Insurance number
  • The postcode on your driving licence

(this system doesn’t work for licences issued in Northern Ireland)

If you try to collect a hire vehicle without providing a Share My Driving Licence code, you may be able to do it on the day — but only if you have your National Insurance number with you and are able to get internet access. It’s definitely going to be easier to do it in advance.

2. Surely there’s a better way?


LICENCECHECK RealTime is the first product to provide real-time UK driver licence checks for companies ahead of the abolition of the paper counterpart.

Obviously, the sensible solution to this problem is for hire companies to be able to check your driving licence details online for themselves, without you needing to jump through hoops beforehand.

This will be possible, but the DVLA is relying on commercial partners to develop new systems to provide real-time driving licence checks, and at present, there’s only one such system available in the UK, to the best of my knowledge.

What’s more, that system, called LICENCECHECK RealTime, was only launched at the start of March, so it won’t be in widespread use, yet.

I suspect that all the big companies will rapidly develop or buy in real-time licence checking systems like this, to avoid huge disruption to their business, and to ensure that licences are all checked properly — not just nodded through with a look at the photocard only.

However, many of these systems aren’t ready yet, and smaller van hire companies may take longer to adopt these solutions. In the meantime, you will be required to provide access to your own details using the Share My Driving Licence system, which you can find here:

You can find more information in this article on the website.

Budget UK launches new van rental service

Budget van rental in LondonWell-known car rental firm Budget has launched a new van hire service in London, extending its existing national van rental operation.

The new service is aimed at small and medium business users and is backed by a new fleet of 100 Volkswagen Transporters, based across London.

The vehicles will be packed with handy features including Bluetooth, folding mirrors and parking sensors; making it the perfect partner for moving large loads with minimal stress through the busy capital.

Mark Servodidio, Managing Director, Northern Europe, Avis Budget Group, commented:

“We’re confident the new service, which will offer small and medium businesses across the capital a truly flexible and cost-efficient alternative to a permanent fleet of vehicle, will further strengthen our position as a partner to London’s businesses using Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.”

Budget also offers a van rental service to personal customers from branches across the UK, and as part of a wider fleet renewal, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will also supply a further 300 Transporters and 100 Caddys to bolster this national van rental fleet.

Major rental firm adds hybrid cars to London fleet: will vans be next?

Avis Toyota Yaris Hybrid cars

Avis has just added 100 Toyota Yaris Hybrid cars to its London car rental fleet

Car rental giant Avis has added 100 Toyota Yaris Hybrid cars to its London fleet, flagging up the growing acceptance of hybrid and electric vehicles among major fleet operators.

The Yaris Hybrid cars will initially be available at Heathrow and Stansted airports, plus major central London locations. Availability will gradually be extended to Gatwick, Luton and other key south-east locations.

As full hybrids, the Yaris Hybrids are currently exempt from the London congestion charge and boast CO2 emissions of just 75g/km. At low speeds, the cars automatically switch to full electric mode, with the engine firing up as needed at higher speeds.

Will the Avis example encourage any van hire operators to make the switch?

One problem is that with the exception of the 4×4-derived Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hybrd (plug-in electric vehicle hybrid) — which isn’t really a normal van — there aren’t currently any production hybrid vans. All the available models are either all-electric or petrol/diesel, not hybrids.

However, given that PSA Peugeot Citroen has a diesel hybrid system which is available on cars such as the 3008 and 508, it’s not an impossible stretch to imagine that this system could be adapted to fit the Peugeot Expert van, improving its urban emissions credentials.

There’s also the Ashwoods Hybrid Transit, an aftermarket hybrid conversion for the Ford Transit that’s won widespread acceptance and makes a credible claim to reduce emissions and fuel consumption by around 15%.

Hybrid technology seems to be gaining widespread acceptance in the car world, and overcomes the core objections which face electric cars — they aren’t suitable for long distances or as an only car. I don’t see any reason why hybrid technology can’t start making in-roads into the van market, especially as cost-wise, hybrid vehicles are increasingly on a par with non-hybrid alternatives, especially when fuel and emissions costs are factored in.

Winter offer: Europcar van hire from just £16 per day [EXPIRED]

Europcar winter van hire from £16 per day

Although the weather seems to have warmed up slightly, winter is still with us — and to help you save money during the cold season, Europcar is currently offering van hire from just £16 per day.

This is a generous and long-running offer that’s available on bookings made by 29 March 2015 for checkouts until 30 June 2015 (some dates excluded, see website for details).

Europcar is one of the most flexible van hire firms around, too — hourly van hire, one-way van hire and overnight options are all available.

All Europcar rental vans includes 24-hour roadside assistance, and a choice of short wheelbase, long wheelbase and luton box vans with tail lift are available — ideal for small moves or big DIY jobs!



Terms & conditions apply, see Europcar website for details.