7.5 Tonne Truck Hire

7.5 tonne truck

7.5t rental trucks / lorries are popular with businesses and people doing larger house removals. They offer a much bigger load space and payload than Luton vans but can still be driven on a car licence by many people. For more key facts on 7.5 tonne van hire click here.

Driving licence requirements: Category C1 - You should have C1 on your licence if you passed your car test before 01/01/1997.

Minimum rental age: 21 is the lowest possible age - some companies will have further restrictions.

Allied Self Drive Hire offers a choice of 7.5 tonne box trucks with tail lifts that are ideal for larger house moves and can seat three (including driver).

For further details contact Allied Self Drive Hire

Jafvans 7.5t box vans have a load capacity of 3,500kg and a tail lift with a lifting capacity of 1,000kg. Internal dimensions of the cargo area are 4.96m long x 2.07m wide x 2.09m high (approx. 20 cubic metres).

Jafvans offers 7.5 tonne trucks for hire at Harrow, Pinner and Ruislip.

For further details contact Jafvans

St Albans Car and Van Hire offers a range of 7.5 tonne lorries including 7.5t flatbed/dropside, 7.5t curtainsider with tail lift, 7.5t box lorry with tail lift.

All lorries are fitted with tachos and have load dimensions of approx. 6m long by 2.25m wide. Most models have a maximum load weight of approx. 3,000kg.

For further details contact St Albans Car And Van Hire

Admiral's 7.5t lorries are 20ft box vans with 1 tonne tail lifts and a payload of 2,900kg (Ideal for large house moves.)

Admiral Van Hire is based in Walsall, just north of Birmingham and adjacent to Junction 10 of the M6.

For further details contact Admiral Van Hire


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7.5 Tonne Key Facts

7.5 tonne truckPayload (maximum load weight): Usually around 3000kg-3500kg for a 7.5 tonne box van (lower with tail lift, as the tail lift itself is heavy).

Fuel Consumption: Depends on model and weight of load, but probably 12-18mpg.

Speed Limits & Other Rules: Note that when driving a 7.5 tonne truck, the following speed limits apply:

  • Single Carriageway roads: 50mph
  • Dual Carriageway roads: 60mph*
  • Motorways: 70mph*

*Although these speed limits remain valid, goods vehicles over 3.5t now have speed limiters fitted limiting their maximum speed to 56mph.

Other Notes: Drivers who have taken their car (category B) test since 01/01/1997 will not have category C1 (7.5t) entitlement on their driving licenses. If you are in this position, you will need to take a separate category C1 test before you can drive 7.5 tonne trucks legally on public roads.

7.5 tonne lorryIf you are using a 7.5t hire truck for commercial use, you will be required to keep a record of your driving activities using the vehicle's tachograph and will probably need an operator's licence. This is not required for "non-commercial carriage of goods for personal use" - i.e. moving house for yourself.

This is not a definitive statement of tachograph rules and driving licence regulations - please check with VOSA or the DVLA if unsure.

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