Band Van Hire

Hiring a van for a band or musical group to go on tour? The type of van you need to hire for your band depends heavily on the answers to these questions:

  • How much band equipment will you be transporting?
  • How many people?
  • Do you need sleeping facilities for your band?

The companies listed here ALL rent vans suitable for bands to hire. For more information on band van rental and the van types used for band & musical tours click here.


Admiral Splitter Van Hire

Admiral Van Hire is based in Walsall and offers 9-seater Splitter vans for bands. These affordable and practical vehicles have 9 forward-facing seats with 3-point belts and a separate load area that measures 1.54m long x 1.75m wide x 1.82m high (5 cubic metres).

These vans also make ideal crew vans or minibuses for large family outings with luggage.

Admiral's Splitter vans can be driven on a standard car licence.

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What type of vehicle do you need for your band?

Here's an overview of the most popular types of vans used on music tours:

Van hire for bands

Panel Vans

The standard panel van (e.g. Ford Transit) is a reliable choice for a small band with a reasonable amount of equipment. Three seats and no windows in the back so you can leave it parked loaded overnight without advertising the contents to would-be thieves.

If you don't need more than three seats, a regular panel van is by far the cheapest way to hire a van for a band tour.

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If you need a van for all your equipment but need more seats - consider hiring a people carrier as well.

People Carrier hire

People Carrier

With comfortable seating for anything from 5-9 people, people carriers make excellent luxury transport for bands and touring music groups.

Equipment and luggage space is minimal - but when combined with a hired van or a trailer, you get the best of both worlds.

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Minibus hire


If you're in a larger group - a jazz band, chamber orchestra or a large production, for example - then you may need a full-size minibus. Capable of carrying up to 17 people, minibuses have very restricted luggage space but are great for moving lots of people efficiently.

Hire a minibus

If you need to carry equipment, the best solution is often to rent a van, too. Another alternative is a trailer, but not all minibus hire companies allow the use of a trailer - check before you book.

Splitter Van

Splitter van hire

For bands that want to keep everything in one vehicle and don't need seating for more than 9-11 people, a Splitter can be the best solution.

Splitters are normally long wheelbase panel vans divided into two sections. The rear section houses the band's equipment while the front section has seating and perhaps other luxury minibus facilities like tables, music and air-conditioning.

Splitters are a bit more expensive than regular vans and minibuses but can be a great solution. You can transport all the band members, crew and equipment for a small tour within one vehicle - meaning your travel costs are lower and you only need one driver.

Tour bus hire for bands

Sleeper Van or Tour Bus

The next step up from a Splitter is a tour bus or sleeper van. This is a vehicle that has been specially converted to provide seating and bunks for sleeping. It may also have basic bathroom and drink-making facilities.

Although they both have sleeping accommodation, sleeper vans tend to have more equipment storage than tour buses - which usually rely on a secondary van, truck or trailer to carry all of the band's equipment.


Trailer hire for bands

Trailer rental can be the ideal solution when you are arranging a van for a band tour.

A trailer allows you to use a vehicle with plenty of comfortable seating - and carry all your equipment, all with one driver.

Not all van hire companies allow you to tow trailers with their rental vans - check before you book.