Long Wheelbase Vans

Long wheelbase vans are ideal for larger, longer or heavier loads. They generally have a maximum laden weight of 3.5t - unlike SWB vans - and tend to offer around 9 cubic metres of load space - usually with a high roof and around 3.5m internal length.

Long van - Hire Ford Transit LWB

All the major van manufacturers offer LWB vans - and the vast majority of van hire companies have them available too.

As you'd expect with a bigger, heavier vehicle, fuel consumption is lower - around 25-35mpg - and costs are slightly higher. Payload is up too and will probably be somewhere between 1400kg - 1600kg.

Driving a LWB panel van shouldn't be a problem for most car drivers - a little experience might help, but these larger vans generally have big, clear wing mirrors, power steering and car-like gear sticks and controls.

They are bigger and potentially less stable, though, so remember to take it easy on the bends and think a bit further ahead than usual.

Take a minute to think about your load, too. Is it securely fastened in the back, or will it move around when you go round a corner?

Depending on what you're carrying, you could end up damaging the van and the load if you don't secure or pack it properly. Not to mention your pride...

Some of the most popular makes and models you'll come across are:

  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Renault Master
  • Citroen Relay
  • Fiat Ducato
  • LDV Maxus

See our what size van? page to work out if this type of hire van is the right size for your requirements.

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