Do I Need To Hire A Pick-Up?

Modern 4x4 pickups are tough, capable off-road vehicles with surprisingly good on-road manners. Double cab models are most popular, as having two rows of seats allows you to seat 5, like a regular car. Many van hire companies now also offer pickups for rental. These are almost always double cab models.

In the back, double cab pick-ups usually have a load space approximately 1.5m x 1.5m and can typically carry a payload of around 1,000-1,100kg.

Towing is one of these vehicles' biggest strengths - their maximum towing capacity is usually between 2.5 tonnes and 3.5 tonnes. However, most van hire companies do not permit towing, so this may not be possible if you are hiring a pickup.

Hire a pickup

Some of the most popular pick-up models are:

  • Ford Ranger
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Mitsubishi L200
  • Nissan Navara
  • Toyota Hilux

Take a look at our what size van? page to work out if this type of rental van is right for you.

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