One Way Van Hire in the UK

One-way van hire is when you pickup a hire van in one location and return it to the same van hire company at a different location.

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One way van hire comparison

To get a one-way hire quote, simply specify your chosen pick up and return locations when you complete the van hire price comparison form above.

Don't be put off if there aren't many results. One-way van hire is costly for van hire companies as their vans end up in the wrong places and have to be transported (usually unused) back to their depots! That's why some companies don't allow it. Remember, there may be a one-way fee in addition to your rental charge, please check with your rental company when you book your van.

International one-way van hire

We occasionally get enquiries from people who want to rent a van in the UK and drop it off in another European country such as Spain ro France. Unfortunately, we don't know of any companies offering this service, with the exception of UK-Spain van hire, which is covered by several specialist companies.

The problem is simply that if you rent a van in Bradford and drop it off in Paris (for example), that van has to get back to Bradford somehow - or at least to the UK. That means it has to be driven or transported back through France and across the channel, then handed over to the UK rental company.

There are a few limited circumstances where international one-way hires are possible - one I know of personally is to bring hire cars from a certain company in France to Dover ferry port, and then change over into a UK hire car. However, this is the exception, not the rule.