Driving a Hire Van Abroad?

Not all van hire companies allow you to take their rental vans across the channel to Europe. However, some do and we've researched these and put together an A-Z of European van hire locations:

These two companies have branches all over the UK and allow you to take rental vans abroad. This service will normally include European breakdown cover and a completed and authorised VE103B form, which you need to provide proof that you have the owner's permission to take the van outside its country of registration. The VE103B is also accepted instead of the vehicle registration document if you need to show your documents while abroad.

Remember: Additional fees apply when taking a hire van abroad - contact your rental company before your pickup date to arrange for European use.

Admiral is based in Walsall, just north of Birmingham, and offers a comprehensive range of vans and 7.5t lorries for European use. Vans available include short and long wheelbase panel vans, luton vans and jumbo dropwell luton vans - pretty much the biggest possible 3.5t vans and ideal for removals.

All vehicles are covered by European Breakdown Cover and come with the necessary documentation for foreign use of a hired vehicle. (More info)

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Allied Self Drive Hire can arrange for hire vans and minibuses to be used on European hire.

Allied provides all the necessary vehicle documentation along with full European breakdown cover and a European hire kit containing essential extras such as warning triangles and spare bulbs. (More info)

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EA Vehicle Rental allows vans to be taken abroad from its branches in Halstead, Colchester and Sudbury.

All vehicles include breakdown cover and comprehensive insurance, and all van models can be taken overseas, subject to prior arrangement and an additional fee. (More info)

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Bayfield Vehicle Hire in Shrewsbury and Telford offers vans for European use. Bayfield Vehicle Hire's European hire vans are all less than 6 months old and have full European Breakdown Cover. All European rentals include a sat nav with Europe maps.

A nationwide collection and delivery service is available and free pickup/dropoff service from Shrewsbury and Telford railway stations is also possible. (More info)

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St Albans Car And Van Hire has been offering continental van hire for more than 30 years and can provide minibuses and vans for European use.

Full European breakdown cover is included and a wide range of vans are available, including small vans, short, long and extra-long wheelbase panel vans and lutons with tail lifts. (More info)

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Econorent allows customers to take hire vans into Europe.

Econorent provides all paperwork, insurance and European breakdown cover in return for a weekly fee in addition to the firm's standard hire rates. (More info)

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Zi Car and Van Hire offers European van hire services.

Full comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover is included, plus unlimited drivers and European sat nav. (More info)

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If you're worried about whether your driving licence covers you to drive a van in Europe, don't be. As a general rule, your UK driving licence will give you the same entitlements when you are abroad as it does in the UK.

Hire vans can usually be driven into most EU countries and other Western/Northern European countries. Restrictions vary between hire companies but all of these companies will require you to return their rental vans to the UK - one-way hires are out. (Spain is the exception - see One-Way Van Hire to Spain)

Van hire for driving abroad - for example in Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greece. EU countries are normally included - check with your rental company if unsure. This is not a definitive list and country restrictions vary between hire companies.

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