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Media Information: 10th February 2011

Drivers Warned Van Hire Insurance Doesn't Cover Possessions

If you are moving house using a hire van, your possessions will probably not be insured during the move, warns self-drive van hire website

Van Hire Insurance Unlikely To Cover Possessions

Van hire website is urging van hire customers who are planning to save money by moving house for themselves with a rented van to make sure they understand that insurance provided by van hire companies does not normally cover personal possessions while they are in the van unless additional cover is purchased.

Many customers will assume that their home contents insurance will cover their possessions during DIY removals, thanks to the "temporarily removed from home" clause that's found in most home contents policies. However, this is often not the case. Many home insurance policies have a separate clause for home removals which states that cover is only provided when the move is undertaken by a professional removals company. In addition, it is sometimes necessary for both the old home and the new home to be insured with the same insurance company.

All of this means that the cost-saving decision to carry out a DIY removal with a hire van could turn into a very costly decision if any possessions get lost or damaged while in transit. However, DIY movers should not be deterred from taking this route, as with correct packing and careful loading, they should be able to prevent any damage to their possessions.

Avoid Damage By Packing Well's advice is that the risk of damage to your possessions during DIY removals is minimal if you pack correctly. They've put together a list of tips to get you started:

  • Don't skimp on packaging - buy some removals boxes in a mixture of sizes
  • Bubble wrap is better than newspaper for glass and crockery
  • Stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom and don't leave boxes half full - they will collapse when you put things on top of them. Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books so that you can still lift the full boxes.
  • Load your van from the front backwards. Ensure furniture can't move - strap it to the sides of the van if possible.
  • Use old blankets or sheets to protect furniture from damage and dirt and remember to make sure that drawers and cupboard doors can't come open when you are driving.
  • If necessary, use rope or cheap ratchet straps to make sure nothing can move. If the van isn't full to the back, everything will collapse backwards when you drive off if it isn't held in place.

You can find much more advice on packing and DIY removals on the website.



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