Inside a rental van

How to Load Your Hire Van Like a Pro

Once everything is boxed up, it's time to start loading up your van, ready for the move. It's not difficult - but a few commonsense rules apply.

Here's our guide:

Make sure that furniture is protected from damage and scratching

Old sheets or blankets are ideal for this.

You should also make sure that your furniture won't be able to slide around or fall over. Make sure drawers can't slide out - because they will if they can! Try tying string around the chest of drawers or stacking heavy boxes in front of them.

It generally makes sense to load any tall furniture such as wardrobes along the sides of the van - then either tie them to the side of the van, or pack around them so that they can't fall over.

Pack the heaviest boxes at the bottom

Stacking boxes is fine but to prevent damage and instability you need to ensure that the boxes at the bottom will stand the weight of those above them.

Make sure the boxes at the top are tied or wedged into place - and won't go flying at the first corner. Tape all boxes closed wherever possible to prevent 'speed hump ejections'...

Pack your van from the front backwards.

This may sound obvious, but this should ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and your van has a balanced load, making it easier to drive.

If your van is not full all the way to the back doors...

Tie some rope or straps across the van to prevent the load from sliding backwards or toppling over as soon as you accelerate or go up a hill.

Don't rely on wedging things in - it's surprising how easily they can come free once you're underway!

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