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Different Types Of Van Hire

When people think of hiring a van, they tend to think of hourly or daily van hire - basically short term hire only.

The truth is, there are a wide range of hire options available for business and private users, offering the chance to rent vans for anything from an hour, a day or to several years.

Short Term Hire

The most common type of hire. Vehicles are rented on an hourly, daily, weekend or weekly rate for a short period - typically not more than a few weeks.

Most vehicle hire companies specialise in daily van rental; this is short-term hire that's charged by the day.

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Long Term Van Hire

Long term hire is most commonly used by businesses that need an additional vehicle for their operations - anything from a month upwards.

Many hire companies provide preferential rates and take care of maintenance or repairs that are required during the rental.

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Van Leasing

If you need the benefits of owning a van without all of the responsibilities, leasing a van may be the ideal solution.

Leases are usually available for periods of up to 5 years and may have a pre-agreed mileage limit. During the lease you will usually have the option of an all-inclusive maintenance contract or repair package for the van. All you have to do is make a single monthly payment. At the end of the lease you simply hand the van back to the leasing company.

Leasing often makes a good alternative to buying vehicles outright, whether you are a business or a private customer.

The high volume buying and reselling facilities available to most vehicle leasing companies mean that they can get far better deals than you or I. In turn, this means that the monthly payments on a leased car or van can be surprisingly good value.

Contract Hire

Perhaps the best-known model for long-term van hire, contract hire means that you sign up to hire a van for a fixed period - typically 1- 3 years. Your contract will stipulate the maximum mileage you can do during this period, and you will probably have the option of including a maintenance contract.

A full maintenance contract will mean that the hire company pays for all repairs and maintenance your van requires during the contract period - although the driver of the van is still required to monitor basic items such as oil and water levels and tyre pressures.

At the end of the contract hire period, you simply hand the van back and walk away - or change it for a new one!

Other possible ways of acquiring vehicles for businesses are Finance Lease, Contract Purchase and Lease Purchase.

Choices for personal customers include Personal Contract Plans (PCP), Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase.

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