Back to uni in a van

Heading back to uni? You need a van

Back to uni in a van

The end of the summer holiday is approaching. The dreaded return to university is almost upon us.

Impossible amount’s of ‘stuff’ that just won’t fit in your family car, even if everyone but the driver travels by train.

The solution is simple. By hiring a van, you can fit everything in comfortably. You may even be able to share the journey and the costs with a friend.

The extra cost in fuel and hire charges could easily be cancelled out by the cost of making two trips by car if you don’t fit everything in the first time.

Nevermind the risk of damage to the inside of your prized motor…

Demand for van hire is sky-high at this time of year. But prices are still reasonable and our suppliers are still showing some availability.

However, I’d recommend booking now if you need a van, as popular locations and van sizes are in limited supply and may soon be booked up.

The university run is a lot simpler and less stressful if you go by van. Why not give it a try this year?


What’s the minimum age? Van hire is not generally available to drivers under 21 and those under 25 may incur a surcharge.

Can I hire one way? One-way journeys also normally cost more, and your choice of pickup and dropoff may be more limited.

The solution: The best way to do #backtouni van hire is to get a parent or home-based friend to hire the van. That way you won’t have to worry about one-way charges or young driver fees.

Still got questions? Get in touch with us on Twitter @vanrentaluk or through our Facebook page.

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