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VWFS Rent-a-Car Liverpool

Liverpool van hire with VW Vehicle Rental

I’m very pleased to welcome VW Vehicle Rental in Liverpool to

This business is based at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle centre in Speke, Liverpool, and supplies Volkswagen vans only for van hire customers.

VWFS Rent-a-Car Liverpool normally has the following types of van available to hire:

  • Volkswagen Caddy (small van)
  • Volkswagen Transporter medium van
  • Volkswagen Transporter Kombi (5-seat crew van) – also available as an automatic
  • Volkswagen Crafter MWB (large van)
  • Volkswagen Amarok 4×4 pickup

The company’s aim is to give you the exact vehicle you booked every time — not just an equivalent or similar model.

Contact details

  • Address: VW CV Centre, 2 Evans Road, Speke, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 9PB
  • Website:
  • Telephone: 0151 728 4702
  • Email:

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Man loading boxes into van

Enterprise opens new Amesbury Car Club van hire location

Enterprise van hire

Van hire giant Enterprise has opened a new Enterprise Car Club location in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Vehicles available at the new location include several cars plus a Volkswagen Crafter van, which will be based at the Amesbury Holiday Inn.

Car (and van)-sharing clubs are an increasingly popular alternative to vehicle ownership and daily rental. For town and city dwellers who need a vehicle for a few hours every now and then, we think they’re a superior alternative to owning a vehicle.

In some situations, they’re even (dare I say it) better than standard car and van hire.

Enterprise’s Car Club charges start at £3.45 per hour for regular users and £4.95 per hour for regular club members. There’s even a student hire option which allows drivers aged 19-21 to hire vehicles from just £5.95 per hour. Kudos to Enterprise for making this available — most companies exclude drivers under 22.

As you’d expect, all vehicles receive a comprehensive clean between hires. This does mean that availability is lower than usual at the moment, as longer than usual is required between hires to allow the vehicle to be cleaned.

You can find out more about Enterprise Car Club on the website – or for more options, check out our hourly van hire page.

Hertz Van Hire – save 10% in March [EXPIRED]

With the weather starting to warm up, it’s a good time to start thinking about DIY and big garden projects. Or perhaps you’re planning for a student move back home at Easter — or even moving house yourself.

Whatever your plans, hiring a van will save your car from damage and dirt and enable you to transport much more in a single trip. You could end up saving time and money.

To cut the cost of van hire, Hertz is offering a 10% discount code for van hire bookings and rental made in March. Here are the details:

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Cambridge Car and Van Rental

Van hire with Cambridge Car and Van Rental

We’re very pleased to welcome Cambridge Car and Van Rental to

This family-run business has been providing car and van hire in the Cambridge area for 29 years. With a fleet of c.100 vehicles, CCVR can meet most requirements, including automatic van hire.

The company is conveniently located on Newmarket Road, from where a range of vans are available (these are manual models):

  • Small vans – e.g. Peugeot Partner or similar
  • Medium vans – e.g. Ford Transit Custom, VW Transporter
  • Large vans – e.g. Ford Transit LWB (long wheelbase)
  • Extra-long vans – e.g. Volkswagen Crafter XLWB or similar

The following automatic vans are also available:

  • Medium van – e.g. Volkswagen Transporter automatic
  • Large van – e.g. Ford Transit LWB automatic

Cambridge Car and Van Rental takes prides in its links with local businesses and the wider community and offers a 15% discount for NHS staff and Cambridge University members (ID required).

The company’s minimum age limit for hiring a small van is 21, so this is a realistic option for student van hire, such as moving house, gigs and field trips.

To find out more or to arrange van hire, contract Cambridge Car and Van Rental directly:

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The Storage Factory

Salisbury van hire with The Storage Factory

We’re very pleased to welcome The Storage Factory of Salisbury to

This friendly local firm offers a range of vans to hire from its Salisbury branch on the Milford Trading Estate.

Three sizes of van are available:

  • Small vans (e.g. Citroen Berlingo) – from £45 per day*
  • Large vans (e.g. Ford Transit MWB) – from £65 per day*
  • Luton Vans – from £100 per day*

*prices correct at time of publication (Feb 2020)

Students with a valid photo ID can obtain a 10% discount when booking van hire. The Storage Factory also supports the Blue Light Card scheme and the Defence Discount Service, so miliatary personnel, emergency services and NHS workers are all entitled to discounts when booking (valid photo ID required).

As the company’s name suggests, The Storage Factory also offers self storage services at the same location. To find out more, contact The Storage Factory directly:

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Classic 1965 Ford Transit now available in Forza Horizon 4

The 1965 Ford Transit being photographed for Forza Horizon 4
The 1965 Ford Transit is now available for drivers to race and modify in Forza Horizon 4

Driving games are usually associated with high-powered supercars and heavy-duty trucks. But the Forza Horizon 4 driving game is going one better and has included something that’s much more fun for van lovers — the 1965 Ford Transit.

By modern standards, this 75 horsepower vehicle is slow and handles like a bath tub. I suspect the “faithfully recreated … driving experience” will seem fairly agricultural alongside high-powered alternatives like the Ford GT.

But as we all know, driving a van is always much more fun than driving a car. And vans don’t get much more classic than the 1965 Ford Transit.

1,000 photos don’t lie

To measure up the van for the game, Forza’s photographers took about 1,000 photos of an original van from Ford’s heritage collection. Every detail was recorded, right down to the door hinges and the inside of the engine bay. These images were then used to create a digital replica of the van.

Alongside this, Forza’s physics team recreated the driving experience of the original van so that game players can enjoy an authentic Transit experience and load-carrying ability.

The end result is one of the most authentic game driving experiences you’ll find. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself! logo

One-way van hire for £1 from Edinburgh Airport logo

I wrote recently about how you can hire a van (or car) for £1 using an exciting new service,>*

The company says that a new contract win means that a significant number of £1 one-way van rental deals will now be available from Edinburgh Airport, to popular destinations across the UK.

As you may have guess, the reason why these one-way hires are so cheap is that you have to drop the van off in a certain destination, within a fixed time limit. What does is find drivers for rental companies who have vehicles that need moving around the country.

Effectively, you’re acting as a free delivery driver. In return, you get (almost) free use of the van. That seems fair to me. To look for £1 van hire in your area, click here=>*

* website⇒This is an affiliate link. If you book a hire with after clicking on this link, we’ll receive a small payment.

Questor Insurance logo

Exclusive: Questor Insurance discount code July 2019 [expired]

Questor Insurance logo

Summer is here and it’s time to get started on those big DIY and garden projects.

If you’re thinking about hiring a van you might want to consider purchasing van hire excess insurance to protect yourself from the risk of accidental damage. Excess levels on van hire vehicles can be very high.

To help you stay in control of the pennies, we have an exclusive discount code from Questor Insurance for van hire excess insurance. Here are the details:

This discount code has now expired. Please check our van hire excess insurance page for the latest offers.

Terms and conditions may apply, see Questor website for details

Nissan e-NV200 electric van

Van hire companies add more electric vans to fleets

Nissan e-NV200 electric van
Northgate has added an extra 25 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans to its UK van hire fleet.

Momentum is continuing to build in the electric van market, led by one of the most significant buyers of new vans — the van hire sector.

In recent weeks, two of the UK’s largest van rental firms, Europcar and Northgate, have both added extra EV capacity to their hire fleets.

Northgate has added 25 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans to its fleet, which will be available for hire from July. We expect demand for these vans to be strongest in London, where the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) now means that all pre-Euro 6 diesels must pay a £12.50 daily charge.

Europcar has added new EV capacity to the opening fleet at its new Purfleet van rental supersite, which is located just inside the M25, close to the A13.

As I’ve said many times before in these pages, EV technology is probably better suited to urban-use vans than it is to family cars at the moment. I can only see this momentum increasing as EVs become better understood, more widely used and gain longer ranges.

Man loading boxes into van

3-in-10 small businesses suffer breakdowns each year

Man loading boxes into van

It’s no secret that some small businesses work their cars and vans hard. When you combine that with the normal wear and tear seen in ageing vehicles, it’s not surprising that breakdown rates appear to be higher than those suffered by private car owners.

According to the RAC, there’s a 31% chance that one of a small firm’s vehicles will break down each year. Batteries and tyres top the list of problems, followed by clutch and alternator issues.

Breakdowns are inconvenient at the best of times. But for a small business they can be extremely costly, as Nicky Brown of the RAC explains:

“Any downtime for a small business is likely to be extremely costly as it represents a serious loss of productivity, missed appointments or late deliveries. And, the smaller the business is, the worse the problem.

What can you do to avoid breakdowns?

Unfortunately, some breakdowns are inevitable. But many are avoidable. Here are a few tips.

  • Batteries: 18% of all RAC SME breakdown calls to relate to batteries. Batteries can reach the end of their life and ‘die’ without warning. But if your car or van turns over slowly on cold mornings or you suffer flat batteries after a long weekend, consider replacing the battery. Ask for the battery to be tested each time your vehicle is serviced. If reliability is critical, you could consider replacing batteries more than five years old.
  • Tyres: 13% of SME callouts relate to tyres. Although some blowouts and punctures are unavoidable, many are caused by tyres that are incorrectly inflated, damaged, worn out or overloaded. The solution is to visually inspect tyres and check tyre pressures weekly. With many vehicles now lacking a spare tyre, punctures can be very inconvenient.
  • Mechanical and electrical problems: These can be hard to spot, but such problems sometimes display ‘early warning signs’ that provide clues something is going wrong. Examples are strange noises or vibrations, or perhaps difficulty changing gear. Train drivers to report these symptoms when they appear, rather than waiting until they become bigger issues and cause breakdowns.

Do you need that old vehicle?

Finally, if you’re running old vehicles in your business and paying for regular repairs, consider replacing them. If you can’t afford new replacements than long-term car and van hire is increasingly affordable.

This offers a number of advantages. You’re not responsible for maintenance costs and as most hire vehicles are new, breakdowns should be unlikely.

Hiring a car or van is also more flexible — you can add vehicles at busy times and return them when they’re no longer needed.

If you operate in Central London and are now forking out £12.50 per day for the ULEZ charge, then renting a modern Euro 6 van would enable you to avoid this charge. For many urban operators doing restricted mileage, this saving could be enough to pay for your daily petrol or diesel usage!

Renting can be cheaper than it seems — it could be worth a look.