Flying Fish Seafoord Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van

Mile-munching Sprinters stay fresh with Reman engines

Flying Fish Seafoord Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van

Mercedes-Benz Sprinters have a reputation as being some of the most reliable vans you can buy. But when you run a fleet of vans each doing at least 100,000 miles per year, you’re bound to run into problems occasionally.

That’s the situation Flying Fish Seafoods finds itself in. Based by the A30 in Indian Queens, Cornwall, the company’s drivers spend the day collecting fresh seafood from Cornish fish markets, before making overnight deliveries throughout the south of England.

High mileages mean that the vans need routine servicing every couple of months. And while Logistics Manager Harry Squires is at pains to stress that “the vans are superbly reliable”, the company gets extra peace of mind by having access to Mercedes Reman engines in addition to standard warranty repairs.

What this means is that if a van suffers a fault that will require a time-consuming repair, the dealer has the option of fitting a Reman — or remanufactured — engine to the van instead. This means it can be put back on the road quickly and in a predictable timeframe. Essential for high-value, tightly-scheduled delivery work.

Use of a Mercedes-Benz Reman engine means that the vans’ three-year, unlimited mileage warranty is unaffected. Food for thought.

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