Extra-long wheelbase Nissan NV400 van

Van size guide: Should I hire an extra-long van?

Extra-long wheelbase Nissan NV400 van

An extra-long wheelbase Nissan NV400 van. XL models are recognisable by the big overhangs behind the rear wheels.

Choosing the right-sized van can be the hardest part of hiring a van. You rental company should be able to help you choose, but if you’re booking online and are unsure then you may need help.

That’s why we’re running a series taking a look at the most popular van sizes offered through our van hire price comparison system.  (You can also find a summary of this information with typical load bay dimensions on our van sizes page.)

So far we’ve covered:

Today we’re looking at the longest vans you can drive on a car licence — extra-long wheelbase vans.

Do I need an extra long van?

Extra-long vans are normally the same width and height as their shorter siblings. What’s different is that the van body has been lengthened so it stretches out behind the rear wheels, like in the picture above.

What will fit? The load area in these vans will typically be between 4m and 5m long — so you really can fit a lot of stuff in. Just remember that the weight limit probably won’t be any higher than in a smaller van, so you probably won’t be able to fill it with — for example — packs of bricks or tiles.

If you’re shifting furniture, then to work out what might fit I’d measure the longest items (probably sofas) and then subtract that length from 4m and see what’s left. You should have a bit more space than this but you don’t want to have to force the rear doors closed!

As a guide, I’d expect to move a one-bed flat with some furniture and other bulky possessions inside one of these vans, if it’s packed carefully.

What won’t fit? Very wide objects might be a problem. Another consideration is that tall items such as wardrobes may not stand flat against the side of the van, due to the curve of the side and the intrusion of the wheel arches. This can make it hard to load such large items securely without wasting a lot of space.

For really large furniture, a luton van is still the best option. So that’s what we’ll look at in our next post.

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