Exhaust & Catalytic Converter Theft – What Next?

I was surprised recently to come across this story in the Scarborough Evening News (of all places!)

Apparently an unsuspecting Ford Transit owner came back to his parked van and found that the exhaust system and catalytic converter had been removed and stolen.

I suspect that these will now be sold for spares – or even scrap metal, but I suppose there is a chance that the thieves needed an identical system for their own van. Whatever the case, it’s a bit of a worry to think that you can’t even rely on your exhaust system still being there when you come back to your parked car or van.

It’s no laughing matter, either – a new exhaust plus catalytic converter is likely to cost the best part of £400, or even more for some models. I feel for the van owner – I don’t think it’s very likely he will get his property back, even if the thieves are caught.

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