Van Emissions Data To Be Made Available

Over the last few years, car users have become used to paying variable rates of road tax and company car tax based on the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions of their vehicles. Similarly, HGV operators have also become increasingly motivated to buy lower-emission Euro 4 and Euro 5 trucks thanks to tax incentives and other impending legislation.

Vans, on the other hand, have been rather left out of all of this. Emissions data is not yet publicly available for most vans – leaving van operators unable to include environmental considerations in their purchasing choices. This is a growing issue for large fleet operators and it looks like industry pressure may be about to force van manufacturers to cough up the necessary information.

This article on discusses the BVRLA’s (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) plans to create and make public a database of van CO2 emissions – the kind of thing that already exists for passenger cars.

From 1st January this year, new vans must have a CO2 rating – but the manufacturers aren’t yet obliged to disclose this. The BVRLA is working hard to overcome the manufacturers’ understandable shyness (would you want to be the first to reveal your figures…) and expects to be able to make a comprehensive van emissions database available on its website later this year.

Watch this space!

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