Freezerent Sprinter 313 CDI

10 years and 100 Sprinters: Freezerent celebrates a Mercedes centenary

Temperature-controlled van hire specialist Freezerent has celebrated its 10th anniversary by taking delivery of a brand new refrigerated Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The van is the Wolverhampton-based firm’s 100th Sprinter.

Freezerent Sprinter 313 CDI

Founder and Managing Director Lee Dorward says that offering vans bearing the three-pointed star “can help to finalise [spot rentl] deals”. Mr Dorward also believes that Sprinter quality is superior to that of competing brands:

“We’ve certainly tried vans by other manufacturers but they didn’t stand up to the job as well as a Mercedes-Benz,” he said. “The Sprinter offers outstanding reliability, fuel-efficiency and driver appeal, as well as leading the market in terms of its safety features. Everyone likes to drive a Mercedes-Benz and when it comes to spot rental in particular, it can help to finalise a deal if the vehicle you’re offering has this high level of quality.

Although Freezerent has tended to buy Mercedes Approved Used Sprinter vans in the past, the firm’s 100th Sprinter is a brand new model in 313 CDI spec with a GAH refrigeration unit fitted by Vantastec.

Freezerent anticipates that new vehicles with single- and multi-temperature configurations will now account for a much higher proportion of future purchases. The company is clearly one of the many Sprinter loyalists who believe the German van remains the best in class for demanding jobs.

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