Volkswagen mobile servicing

Volkswagen launches mobile service centre vans

Volkswagen has launched three new Mobile Service Clinic vans to offer commercial vehicle customers the choice of on-site maintenance and repair work.

Volkswagen Mobile Service Clinic van

One of the first three Volkswagen Mobile Service Clinic vans to be deployed in the UK.

The Mobile Service vans have been designed specifically for the needs of fleet customers and will be capable of delivering service work, inspections, A/C servicing, MOT repairs, minor warranty work and software updates remotely at the fleet base location.

Commercial vehicle operators are under pressure from their own customers to minimise downtime and hit demanding service level agreements. Being able to get servicing and repairs done at base, rather than at a dealer, as the potential to save significant amounts of time.

Each of the Mobile Service Clinic Crafter vans has been equipped by specialist conversion company, Surrey-based Winton Engineering. An array of on-board tools including compressed air jacks and even a hand wash basin lets technicians carry out a wide range of work.

Volkswagen mobile servicing

Ten more Mobile Service Clinic vans are expected to join the network by summer 2017, with nationwide coverage planned towards the end of next year.

David Bodily, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Development Manager, said:

“I’m delighted with the Mobile Service Clinic vans; they look fantastic and will provide a great alternative for fleet customers.

“We’ve found the main concern for fleet customers is downtime and how long their vehicles are off the road. The Mobile Service Clinic van is a convenient alternative for these businesses and demonstrates how we are dedicated to fulfilling our ‘Working with You’ promise to customers.

Volkswagen’s first three Mobile Service Clinic vans will operate from bases at Cordwallis VW dealerships in Maidenhead, Heathrow and Oxford.

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