Beat the ULEZ with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV van

The new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Commercial. This plug-in hybrid is exempt from the London ULEZ and the Congestion Charge
The new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Commercial. This plug-in hybrid is exempt from the London ULEZ and the Congestion Charge

Have you been caught by the London Ultra Low Emissions Zone charge? Are you now looking for a newer van that will be exempt from this £12.50 daily charge?

If you’re looking for a used van that meets the standard then your choice of diesel vans will be limited to Euro 6 models — as a general rule, those registered from September 2016 onwards. (You can check whether any vehicle meets the ULEZ standards here)

However, for low-mileage urban use, modern diesels aren’t ideal. The diesel particulate filters (DPF) used to reduce emissions tend to clog up fast if they don’t get regular long runs to burn off the soot that builds up.

For many city van drivers, a petrol or electric van makes sense. But while there’s a growing choice of new models on the market, availability of used models is very limited. If you only need a small van, one suggestion you might not have considered is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV commercial. In terms of size and shape, this is similar to the old Vaxuhall Astra/Ford Escort vans of the 90s and noughties.

Inside the Outlander PHEV Commercial – it’s basically like a large estate with the seats folded down and boarded out rear windows for security and privacy.

The difference is that the PHEV — or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle — is powered by a combination of petrol and electric motors that make it ideal for short journeys, where you can run on electric power alone.

As you’d expect, this green machine is exempt from the London ULEZ. But according to Mitsubishi, it’s also exempt from the London Congestion Charge. That means you could save £24 per day (£12.50 ULEZ and £11.50 Congestion Charge) by switching from an older diesel van.

I’m fairly sure that older models of the Outlander PHEV should also be exempt from the ULEZ and Congestion Charge – but check before you buy. This model was introduced in 2013, so there are a growing number to choose from. Although commercial (van) variants are rarer, you might be able to manage by simply tinting the rear windows on a standard Outlander PHEV and folding the seats down.

Although you’ll need a charging point at home to keep the batteries topped up, driving this PHEV SUV around town should save you money compared to petrol or diesel. It could be worth a look.

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