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One-way van hire for £1 from Edinburgh Airport

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I wrote recently about how you can hire a van (or car) for £1 using an exciting new service, Driiveme.co.uk=>*

The company says that a new contract win means that a significant number of £1 one-way van rental deals will now be available from Edinburgh Airport, to popular destinations across the UK.

As you may have guess, the reason why these one-way hires are so cheap is that you have to drop the van off in a certain destination, within a fixed time limit. What Driiveme.co.uk does is find drivers for rental companies who have vehicles that need moving around the country.

Effectively, you’re acting as a free delivery driver. In return, you get (almost) free use of the van. That seems fair to me. To look for £1 van hire in your area, click here=>*

*Driiveme.co.uk website⇒This is an affiliate link. If you book a hire with Driiveme.co.uk after clicking on this link, we’ll receive a small payment.

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