Van Speed Limits – A Potent Reminder

I know I’ve written about van speed limits before – here, here and here, in fact – but the truth remains that large numbers of van drivers simply aren’t aware of them – or choose to ignore them.

As this article in the Scarborough Evening News shows, the police are not in the mood to ignore them and are all too aware of the difference between a small, car-derived van (subject to car speed limits) and most other vans, which are subject to goods vehicle speed limits.

For anyone who needs a reminder, here are the speed limits for vans that are not car-derived and have a gross weight over 2 tonnes:

  • Single Carriageway: 50mph
  • Dual carriageway: 60mph
  • Motorways: 70mph

The speed limits apply to all goods vehicles with maximum permitted weights between 2 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes.

Even if your van has a maximum loaded weight of under 2 tonnes, it might be subject to these limits if it is not car derived – see here for a more detailed explanation of this.

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