Volkswagen Transporter T6

Wind turbines create growing demand for 4×4 vans

Continued growth in the number of onshore wind farms is seeing engineering giant Siemens expand its wind turbine engineering support team once more.

With more engineers comes a need for more vans, in this case vans with all-wheel drive and off-road capacity. Although a previous purchase was of Sprinter 4×4 vans, this time round Siemens has opted for Volkswagen Transporter 4MOTION vans, 20 of which will shortly be joining its UK fleet.

Volkswagen Transporter T6

According to Siemens, the fuel efficiency of the Transporter BlueMotion was a key factor, as was the van’s load capacity and 4-wheel drive option. Each Transporter has been equipped with bespoke racking to carry the equipment and spare parts essential for the commissioning and up-keep of the turbines.

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