Renault Master X-Track

Renault adds extra traction to van range

Here at, there’s nothing we like more than a 4×4 van! So it is with great pleasure I can tell you that Renault is taking the fight to Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen in this specialist market.

Renault’s popular range of vans is now available with an enhanced traction solution called X-Track. Buyers of Renault’s biggest van, the Master, can go one step further and specify a full 4×4 system.

Renault Master X-Track

The new Renault Master X-Track. A full 4×4 model will also be available.

The Renault Kangoo, Trafic and Master vans will shortly become available with with X-Track. This is a system that combines  a limited slip differential, raised ground clearance, underbody protection and all-weather tyres to provide significantly improved traction in off-road or severe winter conditions.

The X-Track concept is an extension of Renault’s existing Grip Xtend system. This uses electronic traction control to maximise grip by varying power delivery to each of the drive wheels to suit the underlying conditions.

Combined with improved ground clearance and all-weather tyres (also known as all-season tyres or mud and snow tyres), X-Track should be enough to enable vans to operate in the vast majority of conditions. But for operators who need more serious off-road capabilities, the Renault Master will also be available with switchable all-wheel drive. Drivers will be able to choose between two-wheel drive for normal road conditions and all-wheel drive when additional traction is required.

The Master 4×4 is expected to be available in the summer. Availability dates for X-Track have not yet been confirmed but are expected to be “later in 2016”, according to Renault.

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