Kate Humble with her new Mitusbishi L200

No grumbles from Humble: TV star takes delivery of 4th L200

Broadcaster, businesswoman and farmer, Kate Humble, has taken delivery of an all-new Mitsubishi L200 Series 5. The pickup is the TV presenter’s fourth, with earlier models having proved indispensable on her farm.

Kate Humble with her new Mitusbishi L200

Kate Humble with her new Mitusbishi L200

The well known TV presenter’s relationship with the L200 started when she bought a secondhand series 2 model some years ago. Kate has since gone on to become a Mitsubishi brand ambassador and the series 5 is her fourth L200.

Kate is currently busy gearing up for The Big Day Out, a weekend festival of food, music, crafts and fun at her farm, Humble by Nature, in the Wye Valley, Monmouth. The new L200 is already being put to good use and has become the go-to vehicle on her working farm.

It’s used for everything from transporting animals to getting things ready for the Big Day Out, which takes place from Friday, July 1st to Sunday, July 3rd in 2016.

Kate also uses the pick up for business, travelling to filming locations and personal appearances across Europe. Taking delivery of the new L200 Series 5, an excited Kate said:

“I absolutely love the L200. With my lifestyle, I want a vehicle that’s really going to work and one that isn’t phased by anything.

“For me, that’s the L200 because it does exactly what it says on the tin and is up to any job.”

Kate, whose second book, A Friend for Life: The Extraordinary Partnership Between Humans and Dogs came out at the end of May, added:

“I’ve been through the L200s over the years – this will be my fourth – and the Mitsubishi designers and engineers have been winning me over with a better driving experience and more creature comforts each time.

“As soon as you drive the new Series 5 you can feel the improvements Mitsubishi has made. It has a lighter touch and is instantly more responsive and car like. We have already been putting it to work on the farm and it can handle everything we need it to.”

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