Peugeot Boxer Low-Floor Luton

Peugeot launches Built for Business van conversions

Peugeot Boxer Low-Floor Luton

The Peugeot Boxer Low-Floor Luton, one of six conversions that are now available to order from Peugeot dealers.

Peugeot has joined the growing band of van manufacturers offering customers the chance to order van conversions directly from its dealers.

The French firm’s Built for Business range includes six conversions on the Peugeot Boxer 335 chassis:

  • Tipper
  • Dropside
  • Luton
  • Low-Floor Luton
  • Box body
  • Curtainside

The standard specification for the conversions is likely to prove attractive to operators:

  • 160hp 2.0-litre BlueHDi engine with Start & Stop (S&S)
  • Six-speed manual transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • Uprated battery
  • Revised dual-leaf rear suspension with anti-roll bar

In this post I’m going to take a closer look at the two conversions I believe are most likely to be of interest to van hire companies and removals firms.


Of particular interest to van hire companies will be the luton model. This has been engineered to provide competitive payloads and good volume.

The luton is available on either the L3 or L4 models (L4 is longer) with a single cab.

Both models use an aerodynamic luton design to improve fuel economy. The body is built with GRP panels on a steel frame, although buyers can opt for an aluminium frame, which will provide an extra 80kg of payload.

Here are the standard weight and dimensions* for the Peugeot Boxer Luton:

Model L3 Single Cab L4 Single Cab
Wheelbase 4,035mm 4,035mm
Internal length 3,480mm 4,150mm
Internal width 2,057mm 2,057mm
Internal height 2,235mm 2,390mm
Volume 16m3 20m3
Payload* 1,147kg 979kg

Low-Floor Luton

The other model that’s likely to be of particular interest to van rental firms and removals companies is the low-floor luton, which is pictured at the top of the page. By dropping the load floor between the wheel arches, operators can get a useful increase in internal volume without sacrificing payload.

(Some van rental companies have low-floor lutons for hire — if you’re moving house yourself, it’s worth asking. They’re sometimes also known as high-cube, jumbo or dropwell lutons)

Here’s how the low-floor luton compares to the standard L4 luton model:

  • Internal length: -7cm
  • Internal width: +10.3cm
  • Internal height: +11cm
  • Internal volume: +2m³
  • Payload: +71kg

The payload of the low-floor luton can increased by a further 120kg if you opt for lightweight body panels in place of the standard 14mm GRP panels.

Here are the full weights and dimensions* for the Boxer Low-Floor Luton:

Model Low Floor Luton
Internal length 4,080mm
Internal width 2,160mm
Internal height 2,500mm
Overall height 3,200mm
Overall length 6,570mm
Payload* 1,050kg

All of the Built for Business conversions will have either European Whole Vehicle Type Approval or National Small Series Type Approvals.

All models are available to order from Peugeot Dealers and Business Centres.

*Notes on payload, weights and dimensions: All weights and dimensions were provided by Peugeot. Peugeot calculates payload (excluding driver) including oil, water, lubricants, tools, spare wheel and 90% full fuel tank. When calculating the payload, an average figure for the driver is 75kg (Please note: drivers’ weights will vary). Additional passengers and accessories must be taken into account. It is the operator’s responsibility that the plate weights are not exceeded. Please note: Masses and Dimensions are subject to 8% engineering tolerances.

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