Hourly Van Hire: Zipvan Is Cheap For Hours, Expensive For Days

Back in 2008, I wrote about the London launch of the Streetcar hourly car and van hire service.

Fast forward to today and things have changed slightly. Not only do both Hertz and Europcar now offer competing hourly van hire services in many locations across the UK, but Streetcar has merged with Zipcar in the UK.

Zipcar’s van hire service (named Zipvan!) remains true to the original concept of 24/7, on-demand short-term hire and offers Volkswagen Transporters in a number of key UK cities:

The service is designed to encourage hourly hire, rather than multi-day hire – and rental rates reflect this. Hourly hire starts from a reasonable £9 per hour but Zipcar’s daily van hire rates start from £84 per day, which is very expensive for a medium van.

Using our van hire price comparison system, I was able to find equivalent daily rates for a medium van in central London from just £31.98!

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