Is The Carisma Viano The World’s Most Luxurious Minibus?

Carisma Mercedes-Benz Viano conversion

The Carisma Mercedes-Benz Viano conversion

The Mercedes-Benz Viano is pretty well specified in its standard form, and offers car-like levels of comfort and sophistication for up to eight passengers.

However, that’ s not enough for some people, and the new Carisma Viano conversion will provide the UK’s minibus hire operators with a blue riband standard which should work well for Prime Ministers, pop stars and organised crime bosses in need of a mobile office…

Inside, there are no limits — although I imagine the costs are pretty high. Each vehicle is bespoke, as Carisma explains:

The Carisma Auto Design conversion of the Mercedes-Benz Viano provides unlimited scope for the client’s individual choice of exotic materials, audio and visual equipment and made to measure interior design and configuration limited only by their imagination.

Carisma Viano interior

An example of a possible Carisma Viano interior, featuring large screen — 42″ is possible.

Amongst the promises Carisma makes its customers are that the leather it uses will be sourced from barbed-wire free environments, to ensure it is free from imperfections.

Real wood veneers, hand-crafted joinery and Bang & Olufsen audio equipment are all standard, as Sales and Marketing Director, Carisma Auto Design, Clive Drake explains:

“The Mercedes-Benz Viano conversion is our flagship model, as it is the ultimate in discreet luxury travel.

Many of our clients are high-profile heads of states, celebrities or important business people, it is therefore not always possible for them to travel around in a conspicuous luxury limousine, however they still want the luxury and comfort that is provided by such a vehicle, this is where the Viano from Carisma comes in.

Amongst the features recently requested by Carisma’s clients have been solid crystal ash trays and champagne flutes, integrated premium pen sets with tailored housing, customised seat embroidery, 42” televisions and refrigeration units.

All these and much, much, more have all been tastefully hand crafted into vehicles over Colchester-based Carisma Auto Design’s 14 year history.

Carisma Mercedes Viano interior

Another example of the interior of a Carisma Viano conversion.

Carisma’s range isn’t limited to the Viano, either. It also offers bespoke conversions of Mercedes’ über-expensive 4×4, the G-Wagon, the Land Rover Defender, and the Volkswagen T5. For more information and some great pictures, visit

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