Hertz 24/7 Hourly Van Hire Now At Costco

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The Hertz 24/7 hourly van hire service has been available at selected B&Q branches for a number of years now, but the firm recently announced that it had signed an agreement with cash-and-carry chain Costco to make the Hertz short-term van rental service available to Costco members (see here for more info on hourly van hire).

The Hertz 24/7 service will be available at all 25 Costco branches in the UK, with van hire rates starting from just £13 per hour. At present, only one type of van — a long wheelbase Ford Transit — is available. Costco customers wanting to use the Hertz 24/7 vans will need to set up an account, following which they will be able to book vans as needed, in advance, or on the spot for immediate use.

Commenting on the expanded service, Michel Taride, group president, Hertz International, said:

“We have been growing our global van rental offering through Hertz 24/7 for over five years. Our Hertz 24/7 service enables Costco to provide its members with an attractive and efficient van delivery service.

“Hertz takes care of providing and maintaining the fleet and handling all customer transactions while Costco’s members can enjoy the convenience of taking their purchases home straightaway, rather than waiting for the goods to be delivered in the future.”

You can find out more about the Costco/Hertz 24/7 short-term hire service on the Hertz 24/7 website.

4 thoughts on “Hertz 24/7 Hourly Van Hire Now At Costco

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  2. Lois Ndege

    Hallo, my boyfriend picked a van from Costco Chadderton from 7-11pm. When he was back to return it, the gates were closed. What do we do?

  3. Russell Millar


    I hired a Hertz van some time ago and had problems understanding how to start it and had to terminate the rental, Can you give me exact instructions as I will be hiring again shortly

  4. Van Rental Post author

    Hi Russell,

    If you have questions about this I’d suggest contacting Hertz directly. We’re not involved in the running of this service.

    Kind regards,


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