Save up to 20% on Europcar Van Hire in January sale

Europcar van hire

Save up to 20% in the Europcar January sale

Europcar is currently offering discounts of up to 20% on van hire as part of its January Sale.

This is valid for bookings made by February 1st and completed by 30th June, with certain exclusions.


If you need a van for a trip to the tip, to move furniture or for a big DIY project, this could be a good opportunity. Europcar has also provided some helpful tips for driving and load a van (we have more tips on driving and loading vans):

All you have to do to benefit from the Europcar January sale discount is book online as normal*: click here to visit the Europcar website.


Tips for driving a van

  • Vans are bigger than cars – Be aware of the width, length and height of the vehicle when hiring a van, especially if you’re not used to driving one
  • Take corners slowly – it is possible for a heavy loads to move around if you take the corner too fast
  • Space for corners – Remember that larger vans need more room to turn so give yourself plenty of time and space when taking corners.
  • Stopping distance – Remember that the larger or heavier the vehicle, the longer it takes to stop, especially in icy or wet conditions.
  • Blind side – Watch out for cyclists and bikers who might be tempted to overtake on the blind side.

Tips for loading a van

  • Start loading your items at the front of the van and work your way to the back.
  • Spread the load evenly across the base, uneven loads can have a massive effect on a van’s stability.
  • Keep all items stacked as tightly as possible to keep everything from shifting during the drive.
  • When loading a van, place heavy items on the floor of the vehicle, and plastic and lighter things on top of the heavier ones.
  • You may have to take apart things like tables and desks in order to load everything tightly and to ensure safe transport.
  • Be careful not to scoot or drag furniture in the van as damage may occur to sofas, table legs and dresser bottoms.
  • When lifting a heavy load bend your legs not your back.

*Terms and conditions apply. See Europcar website for details.

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