Volkswagen Transport Ingimex tipper

Volkswagen Transporter now available with tipper body

Volkswagen Transport Ingimex tipper

Volkswagen Transport Ingimex tipper at CV Show 2017

The Volkswagen Transporter can now be ordered from VW dealers with a tipper body, thanks to a partnership with converter Ingimex.

I actually flagged this up in my report from the CV Show 2017, where the new model was on display on the Ingimex stand (picture above). But I didn’t have all the details then — so here they are now.

The Ingimex body is available in two formats, a dropside and a tipper. The tipper body will be branded as the Tip-Up, while the dropside is called Pick-Up. Both bodies are available T30 and T32 (3,000kg and 3,200kg GVW) Transporter models.

If you’re not familiar with the range, the main difference between these two is their payloads — the T30 has an 800kg payload, while the T32 has a 1,000kg payload.

According to Nick Axtell, who is Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Specialist Sales Manager, the market for small tippers is “progressive and growing”. Although most building and construction types are still likely to opt for a tipper or dropside based on the larger VW Crafter van, the Transporter Tip-Up and Pick-Up models could have great niche appeal.

The Tip-Up’s more compact dimensions could make it ideal for use on large estates or in urban environments. Another potential attraction is that the Tip-Up is available with the Transporter 4MOTION all-wheel drive drivetrain, providing a go-anywhere ability to rival a pickup truck but with lower running costs and a larger, more functional load area.

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