1979 Ford Escort van RS2000 conversion

Is There A Maximum Age for Van Hire? We Reveal All…

1979 Ford Escort van RS2000 conversion

All information on this page was believed to be correct as of January 2018.  

Age restrictions and extra fees for younger rental drivers aren’t much of a surprise – “it’s the insurance”, we all say.

It’s less well known that many of the same restrictions apply to older drivers, too. Especially anyone over 75.

Even though a great many people aged 70+ are still perfectly fit and able to drive, it seems that the insurers who cover van hire companies aren’t very keen on older drivers, believing they pose an extra risk.

I’ve found maximum age restrictions from 65 to 75 – with various ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ thrown in to the mix to keep us all confused.

To help anyone who is looking to hire a van and happens to be over 70, I’ve put together a league table of the maximum age limits operated by van hire companies offering national coverage (click here for minimum age limits):

1. National

Top of the league is National Van Rental with an upper age limit of 99!

2. Enterprise

Enterprise van hireIn joint first place is Enterprise. According to their website:

“There is no maximum age limit when renting with Enterprise.”

3. Sixt

Sixt also keeps it straightforward. There is no upper age limit for vehicle hire.

4. Europcar

Europcar van hireEuropcar has no maximum age limit, except at Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton, Pembroke, Carmarthen and York branches, where the maximum age limit is 75 years old (correct as of 29th January 2018).

5. Thrifty

Thrifty Car & Van RentalThrifty’s position is a little more complicated, according to their website. Their “standard insurance age range is 25-70.”

Anyone aged 71-75 should be able to hire a van, as long as they don’t have any medical conditions that are prohibited by Thrifty’s insurer.

Anyone aged 76 upwards probably won’t be able to rent from Thrifty unless they were previously a customer before they were 76, in which case Thrifty say that they: “may be able to help you as a re-renter, but we will need to refer this to our insurer.”

6. Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental

Arnold Clark is an interesting one. They say:

 Drivers over 75 will be asked to provide medical proof that they are fit to drive.

7. Avis

Avis keeps it pretty simple. There is no upper age limit for vehicle rental.

8. Budget

Budget logoBudget’s standard age range appears to be 25-75. Although Budget informed us there is no standard upper age limit for van hire, we’ve heard some locations might have a restriction / need notification if you’re over 75  – it’s worth checking with the specific branch before you book. 

To learn more about rules and restrictions applying to van hire, see our “Van Hire Age / Licence Guidelines” page.

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